Pipe hanger types

Clamp it, strap it, hang it, suspend it, hook it, bracket it, or restrain it. Do what you need to do to support those pipes. We try to always offer you the lowest prices possible, but some manufacturers require that we only show these low prices once you take further action. To see the price, simply add the item to your cart or sign in.

Types of Pipe Hangers and Supports

At this time, we do not carry this unit. We list it on our site because we do sell replacement parts for this unit. Please contact us with any questions: We are away right now. Our Live Chat hours are:. Feel free to send us a message and we will follow up during our normal business hours:. Email Us. View our resources. Band Iron and Strapping. C Clamps. Beam Clamps. Clevis Hangers. Pipe Support Brackets. Swivel Rings. Rod Couplings. Riser Clamps. Pipe Straps.

Split Rings. Pipe Hooks. Van Hangers. No-Hub Fitting Restraints. Stud Guards. Hex Nuts. Ceiling and Beam Supports. Welded Beam Attachments.

Plastic Pipe Support Channels. Pipe Rollers and Roller Supports. Standard Pipe Clamps. Coach Screw Rods.Pipe hangers and mechanical supports. B-Line series pipe hangers and mechanical supports resource library. The B-Line series resource library provides you with the opportunity to immediately obtain information about our products and services. Armafix insulated pipe system solution flyer. Dura Green and Dura-Copper hanger overview flyer. Slide-Rite clevis hanger overview flyer.

Snap 'N Shield pipe support brochure. Snap 'N Shield pipe support solution brochure. B steel pipe base stand selection calculator. Beam clamps section pipe hanger catalog. Brackets section pipe hanger catalog. Concrete inserts section pipe hanger catalog. Dura blok section pipe hanger catalog.

pipe hanger types

Intro photos tech data from pipe hanger catalog. Kwikwire accessories section pipe hanger catalog. Pipe clamps section of the pipe hanger catalog. Pipe hanger solutions. Pipe hangers and supports catalog.

Pipe hangers section pipe hanger catalogs. Pipe rollers pipe supports from pipe hanger catalog. Pipe supports guides shields saddles section pipe hanger catalog. Seismic bracing section pipe hanger catalog. Threaded accessories section pipe hanger catalog. Upper attachments section pipe hanger catalog. Vibration isolation section pipe hanger catalog. Cross references. Snap 'N Shield cross reference. Snap 'N Shield pipe insulation shields for clevis and band hangers.

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Delivery Location. Please provide your Zip code for delivery estimate. Home Plumbing Supplies. Pipe Hangers and Support. Types of pipe hangers and support clamps Clevis Hangers - used to support horizontal pipe runs most commonly near the ceiling. They allow for lateral movement and some degree of adjustment, which makes them a 1 choice for supporting cast iron, PVC or ABS drainage pipes, where sloping the pipe is important.

They are also commonly used for copper, black gasgalvanized and brass piping. A clevis hanger requires a proper length threaded rod and a means to attach the same to a ceiling or beam i. Riser Clamps - support the pipe where it runs vertically and penetrates a floor through an opening.

Once secured over the pipe, wide flanges of the clamp distribute the load to the flooring around the opening and prevent the pipe from sliding down. They are suitable for most pipe types, including drainage cast iron, PVC, ABSgas black pipewater supply copper, brass, galvanized and others.Support is important. Carrying weight alone can cumbersome and difficult. This too is true when considering the weight that pipe hangers and supports hold.

Pipes can be supported from above or below. The pipe, transporting whatever type of fluid, rests on these supports or hangers, which removes stress on the pipes. Too much stress on the pipes might cause leakage or fracture which might result in a multitude of problems. There are different specifications of pipe hangers and support based on these materials. It contains changes to formatting, as well as editorial considerations.

Types Of Special Pipe Support Arrangement And Their Application

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Changes have been made to the insulated piping and protection shield sections. Rooftop supports are in the standard for the first time. Updated the type chart to current standard products.

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Pipe Hangers & Clamps

Find out more. Accept All Cookies.Accurate and judicious selection of piping support is critical to the success of a project. When we require pipe support wherein functional or construction details are different from the available details then a special support arrangement is required. Proper support selection should be the objective of all phases of design and construction.

The use of spring hangers and can type supports is quite common in critical processes and power plant units. Variable spring supports are useful in high temperature, high pressure conditions as they have a spring element that gets compressed or flexed when there is thermal movement of pipe and related loads. Application: To minimize piping loads on nozzles, spring supports shall be used. Static restraints or rigid support prevent transmission of movement caused by thermal or vibratory changes on piping.

These rigid supports are vertical type provided from the top and designed to withstand tensile loads. That is no compression load can be exerted over it, otherwise it may cause buckling. Rigid support consists of clamp, eye nut, tie rod, beam attachment. The selection of rod hanger depends on pipe size, load, temperature, insulation, assembly length etc. The arrangement is quite simple and it is very widely used in piping.

As it comes with hinges and clamp, no substantial frictional force comes into play. Rod hangers offer support in the vertical direction and allows limited motion in the horizontal direction. Adjustment in the vertical direction is achieved by threads or a turnbuckle. Rigid Struts are essentially used as compression and tension elements to reduce dynamic load. They can handle both tensile and compression loads — the struts can be provided in both vertical and horizontal direction.

The selection depends on pipe size, load, temperature, insulation, assembly length. Rigid struts come with hinge and clamp, so no substantial frictional force comes into play. Rigid Struts are used in Pump, Turbine and Compressor connected lines near the nozzle connections to take the advantage of very less friction.

Application: Struts can be used as a substitute for guide supports where structure is not available for using standard guides. Sway Braces are shock arrestors, that stop all movement caused by sudden loads in a pipe system.

It is used to decrease pipe vibration amplitude, dampen the load and reduce overall movement. It stops the pipes from vibrating at their resonant frequency.

Pipe Hangers and Support

Application: Sway braces are used for restraining vibration, arresting shock, leading, guiding or controlling the pipe movement resulting from thermal expansion. The snubber design allows free thermal movement of a component during normal operation conditions, but confines the component in abnormal conditions. Application: To minimize piping loads on nozzles due to friction, sliding supports shall be used. They are applied variedly to provide piping supportespecially in heavy equipment such as pressure vessels, and structural steel members.

Special support arrangement are used innovatively in engineering design to provide pipe support and solve design problems that are unique to each construction. Clause As such, special support arrangement can be used creatively to solve design and construction challenges.

pipe hanger types

Are you looking for the piping design engineering and piping support services for your plant? We have the excellent track record for the successful completion of most complex projects.National Pipe Hanger Corporation has just celebrated yet another successful anniversary. This milestone was overshadowed by this rapidly developing pandemic that is affecting each and every one of us. This virus threat has tested our will, our health, our way of life and our businesses.

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We put the health of our employees and customers above all else. Our commitment to our customers during this time will not waiver.

Like most businesses in our industry, we will have a limited amount of employees working over the next month to abide by our president's and governor's orders and to protect our employees. Office employees will be working remotely from home to the best of their ability, and we will have a small crew of employees manufacturing, shipping and delivering our products while strictly adhering to CDC guidelines.

New customer orders are welcome, and we will do our best to get them to you as quickly as possible considering the circumstances. Some people may see this time as a negative, a nuisance, a detriment to our way of life. But, we at National Pipe Hanger have seen this crisis as a call to step forward and be a leader in our manufacturing industry. Opportunity comes sometimes at our darkest hour.

Finding the focus and the determination to build something even stronger, is what will continue to separate National Pipe Hanger from its competition. National Pipe Hanger is here for you. We are committed. We are resilient. Thank you for your support and continued trust in our products. Please be well and stay healthy. McCabe, owner and CEO. Since then, National Pipe Hanger Corporation has built a company which has proven to be one of the fastest growing pipe hanger manufacturers in the United States.

The NPHC team has more than 45 years of concentrated and direct exposure to the piping industry, with experiences that are unequalled, from the engineers' selection to the contractors' installation.There are hundreds of different kinds of pipe hangers and they all have specific uses, which can make remembering their names a little challenging. Below you can find images of the most commonly used types of pipe hangers and pipe supports.

Adjustable Double Roller Guide. Adjustable 'J' Hanger. Adjustable Pipe Saddle Support. Adjustable Split Ring Swivel Hanger. Adjustable Steel Yoke Pipe Roll. Adjustable Swivel Ring.

Types of Pipe Supports - Piping

Anchor Chairs. Beam Clamp. Ceiling Flange. Extended Clevis Hanger. Extension Split Pipe Clamp.

pipe hanger types

Flat Top Clevis Hanger. Hinged Extension Split Pipe Clamp. Light Duty Malleable C-Clamp. Malleable Iron Beam Clamp. Marine Hanger. Offset Pipe Clamp. Pex bend support 90 deg. Pex hanger - SnapClip. Pex hanger - StrapDown.

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